Daylesford Academy


Daylesford Academy believes that every student can achieve their potential. Mrs Nicola Capok, has strategic leadership for careers, and Ms Becky Langley is Designated careers Lead, as well as all the staff team who work to ensure students receive the best possible outcomes for their career progression.


To develop responsible, respectful and confident individuals who will provide a positive contribution to society in life after Daylesford Academy. Our careers curriculum exposes learners to local, national and global markets, and meaningful encounters that build employability skills to aid successful transitions into positive destinations.


Whilst at Daylesford Academy, All students will participate in an outstanding careers programme which is differentiated to meet the needs of all our students. Our programme will ensure all students will have the opportunity to develop skills required for their future working life and to explore options to prepare them for life after Daylesford Academy  


We are proud to be in partnership with BNP Paribas who are a leading investment bank and international financial services provider for corporate clients.  It is the largest banking group in Europe.  They have a base in Solihull and our contact Jayne Licari Who is our Enterprise Advisor.  

How do we know we are doing ok?

The 8 Gatsby Benchmarks play a key role in young people’s aspirations and promoting their success in their Career Pathway.  The Gatsby Benchmarks are a statutory requirement for all schools to work toward.   At Daylesford Academy in 2019/ 2020, 2020/2021, 2021/2022, we have gained 100% achievement in 7 of the Gatsby Benchmarks and 90% in Benchmark 3 (Collects and maintains accurate data for each pupil on their destinations for 3years).